It doesn't take long until Courtney also develops feelings for Scott, and begins thinking about Scott, flirting with him, or having concern about his well being. Much later, after Cameron had win, Scott is seen in the boat along with the other contestants going back to home. Later when Scott gets eliminated, Chris returns just in time to take revenge on Scott, by making Fang accompany him in the Hurl of Shame. Scott's worst enemy on Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is a mutant shark named Fang. Both were the only two contestants to be exiled twice in. More International Entertainment Project Wikia, International Entertainment Project Wikia. As he shakes it off, he accidentally makes the beaver land on one of the ropes holding up the bridge; the beaver promptly chomps through it and causes the bridge to tilt, causing the other Vultures to groan. Chef takes over the challenge. He is also one of the most unlucky contestants as far as injures go. In Russian Away, Scott had to immitate Dawn, earning her approval for the challenge. During the challenge, Scott was accidentally shot by Jo with their team's cannon, eliminating him from the challenge. Scott and Jo are switched from their original teams in Runaway Model, and they glare at each other as they pass by. Lightning tries to get Scott to jump during the challenge, in spite of his fear of sharks. Later, Scott is the first to make it to his destination but Chris keeps yelling through the speaker which causes Fang to come out. In the challenge, Scott makes another comment about the challenge being easy, resulting in Chris giving the cast heavy backpacks for the challenge. Fang shows Scott the broken part of his tooth. Eventually, he learns that Courtney kissed Alejandro in the past but Courtney reassures him that she cares about him. Suddenly, a trap containing a swarm of bees is sprung and Scott accidentally hits … Scott is depressed that Courtney is gone. Full Name However, thanks to some convincing by Mal, Cameron kissed Courtney, which, Scott believed that Courtney kissed him first. Scott is a troublemaker, who is somewhat of a bully to Silent B, Brick, Dawn, Cameron, Mike and Zoey in Total Drama Revenge Of The Island. At the fire flower, Scott is a bit impressed that "Mike" purposely burned up the fudge and Scott gladly puts dirt on it saying it would've been his first choice back at home. He and Dawn picked up their slight rivalry from last season, but would occasionally flirt along the way. The only problem is that his pie doesn't turn out as well. Of the third generation of canon contestants that Scott has competed against, he has yet to outrank, Of the second generation of original characters that Scott has competed against, he has yet to outrank, Of the Ridonculous Race contestants, Scott has yet to outrank, Scott has sung in a total of fifteen songs in. He never seems interested to be with a girl, since loonies to the floor is just as fun to him. With a pile of stolen goods he took that he was going to blame on Brick, he instead made Dawn the culprit.

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