2conv.com is a quick and reliable YouTube videos to Mp3 converter website. Further, it allows you to convert and download your favorite videos and audio tracks on your mobile and computer. Moreover, it’s a free way to get your desired YouTube videos. It is served as an easy online means to convert and download YouTube videos both on your computer and mobile devices. Apart from this 2conv also provides online services to convert YouTube videos to other formats including Mp4, AVI, 3gp, Mp3 etc. You can download HD videos using this site.

Further, you just need to copy paste the URL of your favorite YouTube video in the website’s paste area. Then choose the format to convert video and click on convert option. You need not to register on the site and it’s available in different languages.

2conv.com – A review

Although, 2conv.com is a useful website but there are lots of disadvantages with this website that you should aware of. Well, the worst thing you may find with the domain is disturbing ads. It contains several distracting ads that appear when you visit the site or downloading/converting videos to Mp3. Hence, it is a bad experience using this domain because of such irritating ads.

It’s not a reliable source for downloading/converting YouTube videos as the contents it provides may not be trustful. 2conv is not very convenient to convert/download videos and Mp3. Instead it may be sometimes quite inconvenient to get your Mp3 files from this site. Sometimes users want to have a direct way to convert or download videos instead of visiting web domains again and again. But there is no other way to convert your videos but to visit the domain. Also, it doesn’t provide impressive quality contents.

Moreover, you may face redirections while downloading or converting videos and the contents may not be reliable. Therefore, we present you an authentic way to get all Mp3 files that you want to download. FvdTube.com is the most reliable and authentic way to download Mp3 and videos. Also, it doesn’t contain irritating or distracting ads neither it redirects to other domains. You can directly download your Mp3 files immediately clicking on the download icon.

Why FvdTube.com?

Using FvdTube.com, you needn’t convert videos to Mp3 in fact you can directly download Mp3 files. Just copy paste the link of a video on site and then you’ll find options to download it in different formats. Further, you can choose to download it in Mp3, Mp4, Webm, 3gp, AVI and many other formats.

You are able to get HD quality videos on your device and can download Mp3 in high quality like 256kbps, 320 kbps etc. Also, you can download its mobile application on your smartphone to enjoy downloading Mp3 and videos on mobile phone. In addition, you can even download your favorite videos or Mp3 by just typing the keyword. It supports different languages.

Some key features of FvdTube.com

  • Download unlimited videos, Mp3 songs for free.
  • No irritating or disturbing ads come up.
  • Download multiple videos together.
  • Choose from different formats like MP3, M4A, MP4, webm, 3gp etc.
  • It allows you to download videos in different resolutions like 640 x 360, 640 × 480, 720 × 480 etc. Also, it allows to download videos in HD with 720p, 1080p resolutions.
  • With the FvdTube app you get an inbuilt Audio/Video Player that lets you play videos and audio on your mobile phone directly.
  • You can set ringtones of the songs you like most.
  • You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and lot more.


You may find 2conv.com as a convenient way to convert/download videos but is reality it may be disappointing. But FvdTube.com is an authentic and fast way to download videos and Mp3 from YouTube. It allows to download videos and Mp3 both by copy pasting the video link or typing the keyword of the video. Also, it has ability to let you download videos or Mp3 in quite an impressive quality. So, it’s a best way to download Mp3 and videos.