Djpunjab is a free music listening and downloading website that lets you listen and download wide range of Audio and video songs. Further, dj punjaboffers reliable and free music listening and downloading to users. The djpunjab website is for those people who really love music and want to get latest music in hand. Further, you can find any new or old song on djpunjab website easily.

Further, it has several categories and provides all kinds of songs such as best 20 songs of the week and best 20 songs of the month etc. Hence, dj punjab is an awesome website to listen and download all kinds of music. Apart from this you can also download all sorts of Punjabi and Bollywood mix dj songs, pop music, and other songs. Further, djpunjab provides large archives of songs such as Classical music, rock, hip-hop, pop, film music etc. Moreover, you can get latest music on the site and there are lots of other things it provides.

Some features of djpunjab

Though, this website ‘dj punjab’ is a really amazing web portal for downloading and listening to music. However, still there are some cons of djpunjab website. Well, dj punjab website mostly host all new songs and videos. Also, dj punjab is not offering all songs but majorly they are offering hit and new songs. Further, little bit songs that this site is providing are useless on the website.

In addition, users get annoying experience because of ads and popups that appears on the site when you want to download a song. Further, dj Punjab doesn’t serve as a convenient and full package of songs to download. Mostly, you find a few selected songs on the website. Apart from this you cannot download music videos or it redirects to other domains when you try to download one. It doesn’t offer songs in different languages and of different countries. If you love English songs then it doesn’t provide English songs. There are many more drawbacks of this website.

Therefore, we present you best alternative for djpunjab website and i.e. Well, if you love music then you’ll love It is a free youtube mp3 music downloading and listening website that serves as a complete package of entertainment. In addition, you can also download videos of your choice. You can download videos of different countries and watch them right away online or download off on your mobile or PC.

Most striking thing about is that you can download or watch any videos or listen to any songs without facing commercial ads. It is completely ads free not a single popup or ad appear on the site neither it redirects to other domains. You can directly download your favorite music and videos. Also, you can listen to music and watch videos on the spot. FvdTube also provide its mobile app that you can install it on your Android mobile phone.

Some attractive features of

  • Download songs and videos without popping any ads that annoys.
  • It enables to download several videos simultaneously.
  • Using this you can download videos in MP3, MP4, M4A, 3gp, webm and several other formats.
  • You can download songs in different quality like 640 x 360 & 640 × 480 for video, 720 × 480 & 720 × 576 for DVD. You can download HD videos & songs (with 1280 × 720 (720p) and 1920 × 1080 (1080p) Full HD resolutions.
  • FvdTube app offers you an inbuilt Audio/Video Player to play songs and videos directly in the app.
  • Set ringtones of your favorite songs.
  • Create playlist of songs.


Though, dj punjab provides free and reliable music but it lacks several things that prevent it to be a best youtube mp3 downloading website. But has got each and every tool to impress users. You can get what you are looking for on Also, using the FvdTube YouTube downloader app you keep entertainment in your pocket.