Flv2mp3.org converts YouTube videos to Mp3 sound files. Also, it’s a free and simple website. Using this website, you can convert your favorite YouTube videos to Mp3 files. Further, FLVTO.biz supports different devices so you can easily convert videos from mobiles, tablets, Android phones, PCs, iPhones etc. In addition, it enables to download and convert videos to Mp3 in high quality. You just need to copy paste the video link or type keyword to convert the video. Also, it allows converting videos from other sites.

Though, it provides you a simple way to convert YouTube Videos to Mp3. But there are lots of drawbacks of this site. First of all, this site is quite confusing to use and shows lots of ads. Further, when you convert videos to Mp3 they aren’t really reliable and accurate. Also, they are disappointing in regarding quality. It may also redirect to other domains while converting videos. There are many other things that do not exist on the site.

Therefore, we present you a popular alternative to this site which is FvdTube.com. FvdTube.com allows you to download Mp3 files of YouTube videos directly. So, no need to convert videos to Mp3. Apart from this it also allows downloading HD quality videos from different sites. It also offers its smartphone app that you can use to download high-quality Mp3 and videos on your smartphones. Most striking thing about this app that you won’t see a single ad or popup on the site and redirections. Just search for a YouTube video or copy paste the link and then choose format and resolution to download.

FvdTube.com – Features

  • Download safe and reliable Mp3 in high quality like 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps from http://fvdtube.com/
  • Download high resolution videos such as 720p, 1080p, 4K etc.
  • You can download videos in different formats like MP3, 3gp, Webm, M4A, MP4, etc.
  • Never shows any irritating popups or ads neither redirects to other sites.
  • You get an inbuilt media player in the FvdTube app to play Audio/Video directly.
  • Download videos from different sites.
  • Create a playlist of your favorite media files.


Flv2mp3.org enables you to convert YouTube videos to audio (Mp3) files. But you needn’t convert YouTube videos to Mp3 instead you can directly download Mp3 files of YouTube videos on FvdTube.com. All audio you get is of very high quality. Apart from this, you can also get HD quality YouTube videos. Just search for a video and download it in HD or download Mp3 as per your requirement.

FvdTube is a hassle-free and faster way to download Mp3 files and Videos. Also, it’s safe and reliable. You can also preview videos and listen to Mp3 before you download them.