TheListenToYouTube is the easiest online application to convert YouTube videosinto MP3 audio files. The service of Listentoyoutube is very fast, online, free of cost, and does not need to be signed up. The thing which is essential is a YouTube URL, and rest work will be accomplished by Listen to YouTube software. Listen to YouTube.comwilldetect and send the video to server, convert the MP3, and delivers you a link for downloading the audio file.

This app is offering you these given features:

  • It allows you to convert the video files into audio files.
  • By using YouTube URLs, you can download the audio file of any video without downloading the videos.
  • Listen to YouTube, gives you preview option for your downloading files.
  • You can play the file using

Although, this site gives you audio file within a few seconds but it is also noticeable that when you click on the link it redirects you to another site. In addition, open irrelevant site in the background. So, this flaw of would not give you the experience which you will get using is a site where you can get almost every video or you can download the app on your mobile. So that you will not face any difficulty in downloading videos.

What FvdTube offers?

  • FvdTube gives you the latest videos and audio on your mobile and PCs.
  • In this, you will find all stuffs sorted and protected using passwords.
  • Moreover, this FvdTube has many downloading modes which includes faster downloading Mode.
  • Allowsyou to make collections of songs, videos and so on, and you can watch or listen whenever you want.
  • In addition this FvdTube app consists option to show you the progress of downloading of all content.
  • This has option for downloading many videos at the same time without disturbing downloading speed.
  • This app is an ad free application and website
  • You can search any video or audio,simply paste the URL
  • This app has direct downloading method, without showing any pop-ups
  • In addition, the FvdTube is also available as an application, hence you can download it on your android mobile.