MP3 Skull

MP3Skull is one of the biggest free Mp3 download websites of its kind. They have been providing free services to its users and has been ranked at the top of all Free Mp3 downloader”. But since April 2015 they have been hopping to new domains every month after the Google’s penalties and updates. They switched to at first then to,, and much more. Now the modern alternative to skull mp3 download offers

  • Global Mp3 Download of third party pages
  • List of artist, latest downloads, and upcoming music
  • Browser plugin to search music

Though mp3 skull offers fast and comfortable services. However, there are many drawbacks, for instance, there are unnecessary pop-ups and advertisements while watching online videos. But if you use FvdTube then you will be free from any kind of disturbances which come across while downloading. FvdTube is among the best youtube to mp3 converter websites. Along with effective search engine, they offer:

  • Mp3 music player
  • Mp4 video player
  • Mp3 Downloads
  • Mp4 Downloads
  • Different Formats for the Videos, like Mp4, 3GP, and webm
  • Different Size for the media download
  • Varied Resolution Quality
  • High-Speed Mode
  • Advertisement and pop-ups free
  • Absolutely Free downloading