Mr jatt

MrJatt is one of the top digital entertainment company which is first and the largest on-demand digital entertainment platform, MrJatt. This website is acquiring more than 2 and half million pieces of music across languages and genres, in a formation of movies, music videos, music tracks, and dialogues content for mobile such as wallpapers and ringtones. In addition, MrJatt movies is consisting over 5000 Hollywood, Bollywood, Television Series, and Regional Indian Movies are obtainable in both SD and HD quality.

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This site acquires more than 20 million users, and mrjatt is available to access on mobile, tablets, PC, connected TVs and other associated devices. You can get benefits of all its content through downloading and streaming. Besides, Mr Jatt fulfils the needs of digital entertainment over 1.5 billion users of South Asia. A few key features comprise:

  • Ease of access,
  • Search & recommendation engine.
  • Portability,
  • A preview feature,
  • Smart Cloud services to store music
  • A powerful discovery,

You can avail it on Smart Phones and Facebook with the Mr Jatt My Play app.

Although, Mr jatt has many specialties but many flaws are there such as:

  • No search option available
  • You can download only a few selected videos.
  • Only Indian songs are available, you cannot get international music.
  • Search results shown by google not from Mr jatt
  • Don’t show videos to play

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  • This application is completely ad free, hence you will not see any ad while downloading or streaming the site and videos.
  • FvdTube application and websites delivers all kinds formats and resolutions for video. In this way, if you want to download video then you can choose resolution according to your choice.
  • This application gives all kinds quality and format for any audio file. So that, you can download the file in your desired format and quality.
  • As you go to other site you see pop-ups or any ad but on this site, you will get direct downloading without any pop-up.
  • You can stream international videos without ads hence direct video streaming on your device without any interruption.
  • You can get this app for free, in addition you can download mp3 and video direct from web by typing the title of video.
  • This FvdTube site can be accessible on mobile, you can avail its app for your mobile by going to
  • In addition, on this you can get videos or audios by pasting URL. This option you will not get on
  • Even if you are in hurry and you want to download file in the fastest manner. Then, a highspeed mode to download is also available by clicking on that option the downloading will go fast.
  • You can get an option in FvdTube for creating playlist, but on Mr-jatt there is no such facility.
  • You will be aware of the length, time, artist name, genre and much more in FvdTube application.


By these last words, I hope it is clearly understandable which is more reliable and efficient source for downloading the files. Since, FvdTube is offering numerous advanced features which enhance your experience of downloading and streaming of your content. In addition, there are more benefits which cannot be mentioned in this article. But, you will get and incredible entertainment as you access the or download the FvdTube application. So, to get all your favorite videos or mp3 files you should download the FvdTube application on your android mobile. Or else, you can surf and download on your PC and laptop.