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My free mp3 offers excellent music downloading scheme without any charges. By using, you can easily download and listen free music supported by mp3 320kbps format.

Moreover, my free mp3 holds the biggest collection of latest and most popular songs with extensive diversity. These songs can be freely downloaded or previewed without any registration.

In addition to all this, it provides a well-categorized musical playlist. The online musical portal of consists of different genres and musical types including melodic retro, light classics, exquisite jazz, drive rock, and several other musical types. Users can enjoy all these genres by either acquiring an online mode or directly downloading these songs through the official web page.

Well, despite offering a large number of additional advantages to the web users, this website lacks several important features.

For instance, the download speed, the overall resolution, and audio/video quality is very much low as compared to other similar websites.

Also, my free mp3 often redirects to several other unknown domains which may bring trouble to your devices. The choices are also limited, so you can not completely rely on this website. So, rather than wasting your time upon these complicated and less-efficient websites, you should visit, which is made user-friendly. Fvdtube youtube downloader app helps to download any video or music file on your android device. Incase you have iphone your can use web version becasue iso dont allow youtube downloader app.

Here’s a list of some of the best features which are provided by

Key Features of

  • It allows the users to download various videos and Mp3 files without any cost.
  • It neither redirects to other domains nor shows any disturbing advertisements or other ad-related pop-ups.
  • You can easily download multiple videos with high resolution.
  • It provides different types of formats like MOV, AVI, M4A, MP3, MP4, webm, 3gp etc.
  • You get a high-resolution video file with resolutions ranging up to various groups including 720 × 480, 640 × 480, and 720p, 1080p.
  • Its FvdTube app consists of a built in Audio/Video Player which plays music directly, just by a single click.
  • You can also add a playlist of your favourite songs and much more.

Why is better then My Free Mp3 ?

Fvdtube offers promising features for downloading and watching online YouTube videos and converting pre-existing YouTube videos into Mp3 formats. High quality audios and videos are made available to the customers, and all these services are absolutely free.

You can search this site for any kind genre or classical music to get high quality audio and HD video. Apart from this, you can also select the  quality, resolution and the file format for the song which you want to download. The most impressive feature of this website is that it provides a large number of diverse features and amazing applications without any charges and data loss.

Our mobile app named FvdTube YouTube downloader App is the main attraction of the site, being a complete entertainment package in itself. You can easily download and install this app in your android smartphone, keeping the infinite entertainment package in your pocket. Conclusively, all you need to do is that, just go to fvdtube website and try it on your own.

Follow the given procedure to obtain high-quality mp3 song files from the official page of

Procedure to download Mp3 from

It’s quite easier and convenient to download MP3 songs from,  you just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to
  • Click on the search bar.
  • Enter, the song name, or just copy paste the YouTube URL of your favorite song.
  • Now, click on the download button, which is adjacent to the search bar.
  • Choose either MP3 or MP4 format.
  • After downloading the song, you can save it in your PC or mobile phone.