savefromnet is one of the popular websites for downloading video, audio, and other content from internet. It is one of the most convenient and handy site for downloading content from any website all over the world. It empowers you to download videos from social networking sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Yandex. On this site, to download the video the thing you will need to do is just pasting the URL of the video you want to download. And, it will show you the result and from there you can download that file on your device without hustle. Moreover, this site offers you plugin compatible to the browser you are using. And by installing that plugin downloading will be easier. site offers the extensions for all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firebox, Yandex.Browser, Opera, Safari, Chromium. So, all you need is to install the plugin.

Offerings of

  • Supports numerous website for downloading
  • Download video with multiple resolution option
  • Free video downloading of third party webpages
  • Ease of access
  • Offers extension to make downloading easier

With these features, Savefrom gives you a good service but as coin has two surfaces it also has. As it is providing many plugins to download video in convenient manner but sometimes it has been noticed that these addon might infiltrate adware to your device. a list of flaws in this site are as follows:

  • Does not provide search result via keywords
  • No preview and play option for videos
  • Downloads adware sometimes
  • For better access, need to download plugins

Now, you are thinking what to do? Then, the answer is you need to choose another alternative i.e. It is a flawless website with many amazing features which will definitely enhance your enjoyment and experience of downloading. A few features of FvdTube are as follows:

  • This tool is fully ad free, and you will not have to face any kind of advertisement while streaming over the sites and videos.
  • FvdTube app and website give you many formats and resolutions for downloading video. In this manner, if you need to download videos then you may pick resolution as per your choice.
  • In addition, it provides many quality and format to download audio file. So that, you can download the file in your desired format and quality.
  • If you go to on different sites you face pop-ups or any advertisement banner but on FvdTube, you will have an experience of direct downloading without pop-ups.
  • In this, you can surf global videos without ads or pop-ups. this application provides you direct video streaming on any device without any disruption.
  • This app is totally free, in addition you may download music in mp3 file and video file direct from internet with a single tap on the video.
  • This FvdTube app or site is available on mobile, you can get its app on your mobile by visiting to
  • Furthermore, this will give you videos or audios by simply pasting URLs.
  • Just in case of hurry and you need to download the file in the reckless manner. Then, you will see a highspeed mode for downloading by clicking on that option your downloading will go with the speed of light.
  • An option in FvdTube for creating playlist is available in this application but there is no such facility in
  • In this you will get info about the time, artist name, length, genre and much more about the file.

Why FvdTube?

As you can see the difference between and, in which FvdTube comes out with more fantastic and handy in downloading videos from internet. So, to download any video from any website you must access site.