TubeMate is an android based app which gives the speediest downloading feature for any video. As, it is produced by Devian studio, we should grateful of their endeavors. This app was designed in a way that any layman can download video from it. Furthermore, TubeMate downloader application incorporate the element of different downloading. What’s more, the speed of downloading will not get any effect or no hanging issue of device will appear.

In addition, it secures your downloaded videos in your external memory card automatically or manually. As, per your settings. you can transfer the files of videos around beginning with one storage point to anywhere in the drive of the device, as per your wish. Moreover, TubeMate apk YouTube Downloader is very easy for using video downloader whose major strength point is that you can have get your hands on any video in span seconds.

  • FvdTube Android Apk

Features you will get after installing the app:

  • Fastest download mode, using several connections for video download.
  • Multiple downloading resolution options.
  • Multi-download in background.
  • In addition, resume option for downloading.
  • Video conversion to MP3 via inbuilt MP3 files Converter.
  • Moreover, sharing of video files via Twitter, e-mail, Google Buzz at clicking on button.
  • Provide YouTube search & correlated videos suggestions.
  • Besides, have option to save most loved videos to user’s YouTube account
  • Option to create playlists.

With having numerous features, it has a few flaws such as TubeMate is only an app it doesn’t give option to download videos from website. If you need a video then you will need to download the app first. Likewise, it has many issues but if I say there is another alternative for this app without flaws and with enhancing features. Then, I’m sure you will definitely go for that app and the app is FvdTube downloader. This FvdTube app has additional features along the above-mentioned features of TubeMate. You can get it from here

FvdTube application offers additional features:

  • The newest videos and audio files for mobiles and PCs.
  • The FvdTube is completely a free of cost mobile application.
  • You can have mobile app of FvdTube.
  • Categorized all the content and data using passwords.
  • Search audio or video by simply pasting URL
  • It has various downloading modes with faster downloading mode.
  • Direct downloading option and no pop-ups appear
  • Allows to create your own collection of videos, songs etc., and you can watch on every occasion you want.
  • Shows period, length, and other important information of file
  • You can the check progress of downloading for all content.
  • This is an ad free application and website which solely purpose is to provide you any kind of video.
  • Without any ads stream videos
  • Favorite video save option on your FvdTube account.

Reason to download FvdTube app:

Using FvdTube, you can download videos from Websites as well as from Mobile application. On website, the thing you need to do is pasting the URL in provided space. And you will get video on your desktop without getting any glitch. In addition, this app is very easy to access no practical understanding needed to run this application. So, with its simple UI it empowers you to get any video at any time.