Youtube to Mp3 Review

  • What is this site about?

Fvdtube is about an All in One Product, which is a web based, Desktop Software and android App helping the user to easily download videos in a row from YouTube maintaining their high quality plus giving the user the choice to convert the YouTube to MP3 file of desirable format.

  • How do I use the site in order to convert the file?

Fvdtube is easy to use for new users because of simple to use functionality, you just need to search for the song of your choice in the search box and when you see the songs, you get automatic download option right below the song, the only thing you have to do is choose the Mp4 or Mp4 format & quality for the file you want to download from youtube.

  • Do I need a membership to use the services?

No, you do not need a membership to use the services, it is for free.

  • If not, is there a service fee?

As explained, we charge no fee, we just want people to enjoy the music they love.

  • Do I need to install it onto my mobile device?

Yes, if you want to store the videos and music on your smart phone you need to download the apk file from our website, which is very easy and you can download it from the site itself.

  • Is it legitimate to use the services of this website?

Yes absolutely, as we are not hosting any songs and we are not storing them /selling anything we just provide a service for the end user to convert YouTube music/videos to mp3.

  • Will I get into trouble for using this site?

Copy Material is not allowed to download. All files are for personal use only. Check our T&C before using our tool.

  • Is my desktop (or device) safe using this website?

Your desktop and mobile devices are safe, this application is created by finest coders who have taken care of all the things and have made sure that this application does not slow down your systems or do any kind of harm or infect your system. We have a safe environment as we want our users to enjoy music hassle free.

  • Does it convert videos to files compatible for all operating systems? (Microsoft, IOS, Linux etc.)

Right now, we support Windows and Android Devices only. Our next build will have IOS too. But IOS/Linux users can enjoy web version.

  • Do I need a specific browser that works with the site or all browsers are compatible? (IE, Chrome, Firefox)

All major well-known browsers are compatible for this site and you do not need to have any specific browser for this.

  • Does it automatically save the converted file on your desktop?

Yes, it does save automatically the files, we give you an option to choose where to save the files, either in a folder of your choice or by default the music is saved in music folder of the system.

  • If not, how do I save the converted mp3 onto my desktop?

When downloading the file, we give user an option to choose the folder type, you can choose desktop and make it your default saving folder.

  • Do I need a desktop to convert the videos or can I also do it via my smart phone?

You can do it very easily on your smart phone too with our YouTube video downloader App, no need to have a desktop.

  • If so, is it compatible with both androids and iPhones?

Right now, our application is for android users only & iOS user can use web version.

  • Does it convert just music videos or can I also convert movies, documentaries and other longer videos?

Good news is it is just not for any music video only it is for all video files, movies, documentaries anything that is hosted at YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or even your WhatsApp files.

  • How is the quality of the youtube to Mp3 converter?

It is super good and we give user the deciding authority to choose the quality of the converting files, depending upon the space and capacity of their device. Currently we are 5 Quality Sizes for Mp3 which are: 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, 320kbps & for Mp4 (Video): 144pp, 240p, 360p, 720p.

  • Is there a limit on how many times you can convert a video into a mp3?

Nope, there is no limit. Unlimited Download Service

  • Can I transfer the music straight onto my mp3 player or iPod player?

Sure, you can transfer using USB cable or Bluetooth u can transfer.

  • Are all YouTube videos convertible?

Yes, all YouTube videos are convertible.

  • Can I convert just part of the video or do I need to convert the whole video?

No, you can not convert a video partly, the video must be converted fully and then saved, if you stop half way you will have no files to save.

  • How fast is the conversion speed?

It is super fast, mostly depends upon the length of the video and the speed of the device you are using along with the quality type you choose to save in.