YouTube to MP3

YouTube to Mp3

YouTube to Mp3 is an online service which easily does the conversion of videos to mp3 for you. As soon as you submit the URL of the videos to YouTube mp3, it automatically converts it to the audio file. Youtube to mp3 is an online service, where you do not have to create an account to convert videos from youtube to mp3.

Therefore, you only need YouTube URL and afterward can download the mp3 file. The whole conversion procedure is very different from other services because of its platform-independent software. In addition, you can download the audio files to Mac, Linux, Windows PC and even on iPhone.

Moreover, youtube mp3 converter offers the bitrate of minimum 128kBit/sec. Thus, all the conversions are conducted in high-quality mode. As well as the services provided by this youtube converter is absolutely free of cost. Hence, you do not have to spend a single coin from your pocket. Above all, the time consumed for conversion in youtube mp3 is only around 3-4 minutes for each video.

This YouTube to mp3 converter is a full package for those who want videos conversion within no time. Plus, you will get the most loved videos from YouTube. Additionally, it supports many foreign languages such as English, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, and Japanese. But there are many drawbacks in youtube-mp3. They are as follows:

  • YouTube mp3 is full of infuriating and annoying ads. In addition, there are many irritating pop-ups, even if you have ad-blocker installed on your system.
  • Many of the users have come across with the safety issues of the site. As it forcibly redirects your browser to random and ransomware websites.
  • Sometimes, when you paste the link to Youtube mp3 converter, it re-loads the current page and does not do any conversion. This creates a confusion as there are no other options provided on the website.
  • In many cases, instead of the whole video, it does the conversion to audio file up to a fixed length only.

However, to avoid all such unwanted troubles, you can give a try to a much better website like It is similar to youtube to mp3 but has more additional and astonishing features. With FVDTube youtube downloader you can download the audio as well as video files directly to your respective devices. Besides you can play online music and videos.

What You can do with FvdTube:

  • You can directly watch the videos as well as movies from your devices.
  • In addition, there is no requirement of an additional media player.
  • Moreover, you can select the format for the videos before downloading or playing them online. There are options like 3GP, Mp4, and WebM.
  • According to the space available on your device, you can opt for the different sizes for the files.
  • Also, there is a lot of choices in resolution. Plus, you can pick High-Definition image quality as per your device’s configuration.
  • A unique feature of FvdTube is the High-Speed mode where you get the fastest and direct downloads of YouTube videos.
  • Opposite to youtube-mp3, FvdTube is free from useless pop-ups. In addition, there are no advertisements when you watch any online video clip or a movie.
  • Also, it restricts your browser from getting re-directed to any random website. Moreover, it is completely safe and secure website.
  • The best part of FvdTube is its strong search engine. Utilizing it, you can search for videos on the website only. Additionally, it shows you suggestions while typing the keyword and provides you only genuine links and exact result.

Furthermore, FvdTube youtube video downloader is also present in an application form. Click To download youtube downloader app Therefore, users can either directly install FvdTube app or can visit its website straight away. And can take joy in downloading and watching free videos, movies, and music.